The Virginia Beach Fishing Center is an ideal place to stop for all those traveling on the east coast. Whether you are passing by for fuel or seeking dockage, the Virginia Beach Fishing Center will be more than accomadting for all your travel needs.

Transient Dockage

  • We are able to accommodate vessels up to 120′
  • Separate Annex for vessels exceeding 28′ in height
  • Fuel, Water, and Electricity available in all slips
  • Diesel in most slips, Gas available on our floating dock
  • 50A behind all slips, additional adapters if available
  • $4.50-$6.00 per foot a night
  • Wifi available
  • Tournament Slips
  • Tournament slips are available for weekly and monthly rates. Contact Maggie, 757-491-8000 or

Monthly and Annual Slips

Enjoying your time at the marina and would like to extend you stay? We offer available slips to rent with rates depending on the size of the vessel. If you are interested in a long term stay, please call our office and contact Maggie, 757-491-8000 or, so that we can arrange for your welcome!

Southside Annex

For vessels that exceed the height of the bridge, 28′, our separate Southside Annex will be able to accommodate those vessels up to 120′. For additional information or questions you may have about dockage and our inlet, please call our office at 757-491-8000

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