Make-Up Charters



How do Make-Up Charters work?

Our boats are licensed to hold a party of up to 6 people. If you are a single person or don’t have a full 6 people for a trip and do not want to pay the whole price of the trip, we will try our best to find others to fill the boat so you are only paying your portion. The whole cost of the trip is divided among the 6 people, or divided at an increased price (per each person’s OK) if we haven’t found the full 6.

You give us a specific day or a range of days that you know you are available to fish, the type of trip you would like to go on, how many people are in your party, and a credit card number. It does not cost anything to start a make up charter or if we don’t get it together. The only way we would charge your card is if we got a full 6 people for a trip. We have until the night before a trip to book it for the next day. If we haven’t found the whole 6 by then, but have 4 or 5 willing to go, we will see if everyone is OK with splitting the cost; if not, the trip will not go and your are not charged anything.

If you would like to pay cash we would need to hold the cash or a credit card number in order to make a reservation for you. If you cannot bring cash until the day of the trip we will run your card for the amount of your portion and refund it once we have the cash in hand. Each trip must be paid in full before it is considered booked and confirmed.

What is provided and what should you bring?

Everything for fishing is provided. All your bait, tackle, rods and reels are provided and licensing is covered. The only thing you need to bring is any food and drink you would like. Alcohol is allowed, we just ask you do not bring glass. Each boat is equipped with a mini fridge, microwave, and plenty of space if you would like to bring a cooler. Of course, dress appropriate for the weather i.e. sweatshirt, sunglasses, sunscreen, light-soled shoes/ flip flops so not to mark the boat, etc.


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