3rd Annual F. Wayne McLeskey, Jr. Memorial Marlin Open

3rd Annual F Wayne McLeskey, Jr. Memorial Marlin Open

September 8th and September 9th 2017

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1st Place- Waterman with 2 White Marlin releases and a Blue Marlin release earning an $8,000 pay out

2nd Place- Sea Trade with 3 White Marlin releases earning a $4,800 pay out that they donated back to the charity

3rd Place- Canyon Express with 1 White Marlin release earning a $3,200 pay out

Heaviest Dolphin

Canyon Express with a pair of Mahi weighing  17.6lb and 16.9lb earning a $1,800 pay out

Heaviest Tuna

Alexis with a pair of Yellowfin Tuna weighing 71.6lb and 68.5lb earning a $1,800 pay out

There were many words to describe Wayne McLeskey; businessman, pilot, friend, father, developer and dancer to name a few. However, most importantly, he was a doting husband, avid fisherman and passionate, talented and driven about everything in which he took part in.

Wayne began the Virginia Beach Fishing Center in 1977 and became consumed with preserving Rudee Inlet and the fishing industry. As with most things in Wayne’s life, he instilled the same passion in the heart of his wife, Cheryl. While Wayne’s passing in 2012 was unexpected and earth shattering, Cheryl has since devoted much of her time to continuing what Wayne had begun.

In honor of Wayne and his dedication to the sport-fishing industry and Rudee Inlet as a whole, Cheryl officially began the F. Wayne McLeskey Memorial Open in 2015. It is with great hope that this billfish tournament will continue to grow over the years and all involved will be reminded each year of the importance of preserving and sustaining Rudee Inlet and all oceans and fisheries for an industry that is cherished by so many.

2017 F. Wayne McLeskey, Jr. Memorial Marlin Open Rules

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This is a release only billfish tournament. Points will be awarded only for billfish that are properly hooked and released. Released White Marlin, Sailfish, Spearfish, and Swordfish will all be counted as 100 points, a released Blue Marlin will be counted as 125 points. IGFA rules will apply except the following amendments:

  • Each boat may fish both days, as long as all anglers are different
  • Lines in are at 8:00 A.M. and lines out are 3:00 P.M. daily.
  • Anyone may hook a fish; however, the rod must be transferred immediately to the angler after hookup. The angler shall then fight the fish, unassisted, until released.
  • This is strictly a trolling tournament-no live baiting allowed.
  • Boundaries are 100 nautical miles from the Rudee Inlet Sea Buoy. Fish must be hooked within these boundaries, but may be fought outside of the boundaries once hooked.
  • All billfish releases must be called in to an appointed committee boat at the time of release.
  • If a fish is hooked up before lines out, it may be played until released, although all catch reports must be turned in no later than 7:00 P.M. daily.
  • The official weigh station for meat fish is at The Virginia Beach Fishing Center. Scales will open at 3:00 P.M. and will close at 7:00 P.M.
  • The meat fish category winners will be determined by the largest fish caught of each species (Wahoo/ Dolphin/Tuna).
  • In the event that a meat fish Calcutta (Wahoo/Dolphin/Tuna) is not won, the prize money will be distributed and chosen based off of a raffle system.
  • This will be a captain’s choice event. A weather committee will not be appointed. Boats may only fish one of two days. Team Lay Day Forms are to be turned into the Virginia Beach Fishing Center by 8:00 A.M. on the day in which they choose to lay or they will forfeit their day of fishing. No exceptions!
  • In the event of a tie, the winning boat will be determined by the time of their final release. The boat with the earliest release time on their day of fishing would take the lead.
  • Federal law mandates that all anglers participating in a tournament must deploy only non-offset circle hooks when using natural bait and/or natural/artificial lure combinations.
  • Anglers in these tournaments may use J-hooks only in artificial lures.

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F. Wayne McLeskey Jr.
F. Wayne McLeskey Jr.